A downloadable game for Windows

Vase is a short 3d adventure game that was developed during Global Game Jam 2019.

The theme of this Global Game Jam was "home" so we designed an atmospheric game with this concept.

Wish you enjoy it ...

  About our group

Jump games is a game dev group based in Birjand,Iran.

  • Mohammad Soheil Zabeti
  • Mostafa Nazari
  • Mohammad Hosein Najafi

  System requirements

You can run this game on low-end PC’s on both 32bit and 64bit windows OS.


W S A D : to move

E: to interact

  Contact us 

Our Gmail: jumpgamegroup@gmail.com

and our Instagram page: @jump.games         



Vase 32 88 MB
Vase 64 106 MB

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