A downloadable game for Windows

Derafsh (flag in Persian language) is a short point and click 3d adventure game that was developed in Unreal engine 4.

It’s the story of a strong man trying to find the light behind his dark memories.

Wish you enjoy the first game we published.

  About our group

Jump games is a game dev group based in Birjand,Iran. Two of us worked in this project:

  • Mohammad Soheil Zabeti
  • Mostafa Nazari

about developing this game:

this game was designed to be a three-level game but after making the first level in-part-time 4 months we decided to publish the first level to get some feedbacks from communities and delicate our time to something else for a while. We will probably continue making the rest of the game soon if you enjoy it.

  System requirements

You can run this game on low-end PC’s on both 32bit and 64bit windows OS.


Mouse left button: for changing player view

Mouse middle button: for rotating player view

and for picking up items from inventory just click on them and for using them click wherever you want.

  Contact us

Our Gmail: jumpgamegroup@gmail.com

and our Instagram page: @jump.games

*Game soundtrack:

Colors by George Winston


Derafsh win64 310 MB
Derafsh Win32 282 MB


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This has potential, keep up the good work. One thing that would help I think is a cursor that changes shape based on what you're hovering over.


Thanks for the test.

Yes, there are some system that should be improved like cursor system and a system that we designed for cameras and some thing else. Your test was really useful for our developing process.